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When Are DIY HVAC Repairs a Bad Idea?

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Posted March 10, 2020

So, you know that there are easy DIY solutions to some HVAC issues. But when should you turn to YouTube, and when should you turn to the pros?

For example, many of us know that if our furnace shuts off randomly, we can always try changing the air filter or resetting the circuit breaker. But are there any DIYs more sophisticated than this, that a layperson can attempt?

Well, when we say, “Not really!” it isn’t in order to get your business – it’s because, just like with a car mechanic or a doctor, you have to be a trained professional in order to properly DIAGNOSE the problem.

If you do decide to “check under the hood” of any HVAC equipment for yourself, then please, please be 100% sure that you turn off your A/C breaker or your furnace breaker before you EVER remove the access panel from your equipment.

You may even want to double-check by using a voltage tester on the equipment wires, just to make sure there is no way you could get a shocking surprise!

Now, some people will tell you that you can replace your capacitor, contactor, or fan motor on your A/C. Or they’ll tell you that you can vacuum around your own furnace burner.

“I did it, you can too!”

But, again, the main problem with trying to replace and install broken parts of your HVAC system yourself is that non-professionals will likely misdiagnose the problem or accidentally damage the equipment.

Overall, our stance is, DON’T DIY in any way that involves taking the cover off anything and looking under the hood, unless you have some type of professional experience. This is also because our techs use so much specialized equipment/technology, from the voltage tester just mentioned, to special cutting tools like shears and aviation snips, which most people don’t have experience cutting with.

And then, there are HVAC tech specialty tools that are too expensive for the average homeowner, like the psychrometer. (That sounds complicated, and it is! It’s for measuring relative humidity in your home.)

Of course, we’re not trying to be discouraging! We’re just saying, the only 100% surefire way to avoid DIY accidents is to…well…avoid DIY, on such highly complex and sensitive equipment.

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