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Why Becoming an HVAC Tech is the Best Decision You’ll Ever Make

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Posted January 12, 2021
A pair of service men working on an A/C unit with a customer watching in the background

There are a lot of reasons why becoming an HVAC tech is a great idea — it could be the best decision you’ll ever make!

Today we’re going to give you a list of our own techs’ reasons why being an HVAC tech can be more fun and interesting than other jobs:

Reason #1: Every day is something new

Whether you are inspecting for refrigerant leaks, safety testing amperage and controls, giving expert advice to customers, or you’re about to rescue the customer by repairing their furnace when they need it most … every system is its own puzzle! And every customer is someone new to meet! You never get bored because, every day, you’re doing something new.

Reason #2: You help people

Speaking of every customer being someone new … one of the best things about being an HVAC tech is getting to help people! In most jobs — even if they’re customer-facing — you often don’t get to see how you’re immediately making people’s lives better! But, as an HVAC tech, you are ensuring people’s basic comfort. Not much is more important, or more fulfilling, than that!

Reason #3: You’re not stuck behind a desk

If you don’t like sitting all day, being an HVAC tech is the perfect answer! If you’re someone who enjoys being active and outdoors, as opposed to feeling stuck, this job is for you. It’s true that installing heavy-duty systems requires being in good shape, but there aren’t any physical fitness requirements per se. It’s way more about your desire to work with your hands, instead of being stuck behind a desk! If you enjoyed subjects in school where you got to tinker around and problem-solve, like chemistry class, then you’ll fit right in as an HVAC tech! And you’ll never get bored.

Reason #4: The pay

Being an HVAC tech is well-paying even as an entry-level job. HVAC techs who have worked for less than a year earn on average $42,360, and also earn an average of $6,250 overtime compensation. Then, as a senior level technician who has been working over 10 years, you earn up to $60k – $70k, in many cases even more, and are eligible for ample overtime on top of that![1]

Reason #5: Getting to work at Air Specialist!

In fact, right now at Air Specialist, we are offering a starting salary of $42k – $55k DOE, and we are additionally offering a $1,000 sign on bonus. We want the most exceptional techs to deliver the best customer service — and in return we will work tirelessly for you. That’s our company philosophy!

We want you! If you live in the Houston/Pearland area, click here to submit a job application, or give us a call at [csad_phone]!

[1] Indeed


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