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Why You Should Get a New HVAC System…And One Reason You SHOULDN’T!

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Posted March 31, 2020

When people are told they need to get a new HVAC system, understandably there is often a little bit of hesitation. After all, it is a big investment, and what if you feel like your current system is doing the job just fine?

Well, first of all, consider the age of your system. Air conditioners last 10 to 15 years, while furnaces can sometimes go a bit longer than 15 years with proper filter changes and maintenance at least twice a year.

However, one thing that most people who are trying to get the most mileage and years out of their system don’t realize is this: your system truly does have a finite lifespan close to what the manufacturer said it would be! After all, it’s not like a family pet, where one might live to be 12 years old and another might live to be 20, just due to good genetics. With your HVAC system, the manufacturer has already made a very reliable prediction of how long your system will last, and so if you try and get every last day out of it thinking you’ve just been very lucky, chances are, instead, your system is becoming less efficient and more damaged!

For example, many old systems’ ductwork has air leaks that cause an efficiency loss in excess of 20 to 30%! Plus, a new HVAC system can make air flow better throughout your home, and can eliminate issues of hot and cold spots.

You could even get a zoned HVAC system, meaning that you can control the main level and upstairs temperature of your house separately. That way, you can keep it a bit cooler upstairs where you’re sleeping, and a bit warmer downstairs in case anyone gets out of bed and goes to get a midnight snack!

However, you’d be right to point out that a feature like that isn’t necessary for every home – and not just because many homes are only one story. But also because, while a zoned system is nice and also promotes even heating and cooling, your sole reason for buying the latest and greatest technological accessories shouldn’t be “just because.” You should be enthusiastic about them and plan on actively using them!

For another example, if the idea of a smart thermostat that’s able to pre-set times of day to change the temperature (allowing you to be more efficient for your next heating or cooling bill) just doesn’t appeal to you, don’t feel like you have to get one just because everyone else does!

Instead, have one of our HVAC texts come out for a free consultation, and ask them whether these “hot, cool” technological advancements would be a good investment for your home, based on factors like size, efficiency of your current system, and your own enthusiasm about these products!

Do you know your HVAC system needs some new updates, or a total replacement, but you’re afraid of wasting money? Then, Air Specialist is the perfect place for you! We’ll not only evaluate your home and your system, but also your own wants and needs! Get scheduled today! Just click here or call [csad_phone].


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