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Why You Should Purchase an HVAC Maintenance Plan

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Posted November 1, 2022
Importance of a maintenance plan

You may be one of those people who never buy the warranty or extended service plan. You figure you’re willing to gamble on the appliance’s efficiency. But when it comes to HVAC service plans, your gamble can cost you thousands of dollars in repair and replacement costs.

When you sign up for a maintenance plan with Air Specialist A/C Heating Plumbing & More of Houston, you’re making a wise investment in your important home comfort system. Our maintenance plans ensure you receive regular tune-ups and discounts on necessary services. Read on to find out why you should consider an HVAC maintenance plan for your Houston home.

What’s so great about an HVAC maintenance plan?

The A/C was fine last summer. The furnace kicked on effortlessly when the Houston nighttime temperatures turned chilly. How is a maintenance plan going to make a difference? Your HVAC units are intricate pieces of equipment with lots of moving parts. When they’re working right, your home stays comfortable, and you don’t have to think about what’s happening behind the scenes. But a broken part, a dirty fan, or a damaged sensor can kick off a cascade of HVAC issues. If you don’t have a maintenance plan, you may not realize something is awry until you wake up in a sweaty mess during the summer or shivering on a February night. Even worse, a small, inexpensive fix can become a costly problem if not addressed immediately.

Regular maintenance can make a difference in your HVAC unit’s lifespan. If you’re interested in getting the most for this significant home investment, consider giving it the proper care and attention it needs.

What does a maintenance plan include?

You’re handy with a screwdriver, right? You change your air filter regularly and listen for strange sounds or other issues with your HVAC system. Why can’t you handle maintenance chores yourself? Theoretically, you can if you have the proper training and tools. But are you ready to do everything your Air Specialist HVAC technician will do during a maintenance visit?

  • Wax the condensing unit
  • Clean the electrical compartment
  • Tighten all electrical connections
  • Test capacitors
  • Oil motors
  • Inspect bearings
  • Pull and clean burners
  • Inspect sequence operation

Caring for an HVAC unit can be intricate, and our technicians’ specialized training means they know what to look for during a maintenance visit.

Additional discounts

Our maintenance agreements offer more than just a tune-up. If our technicians spot a problem, you’ll be able to take advantage of discounted repair services. You’ll also enjoy the peace of mind of knowing the work is being done by a reputable HVAC company like Air Specialist.

We take the hassle out of scheduling

If you’re one of those people who forget to make appointments, don’t despair. When you sign up for one of our maintenance programs, we’ll reach out to schedule your tune-up appointment. That’s one less thing on your to-do list!

The qualified HVAC technicians at Air Specialist of Houston are ready to keep your system running in any weather. Remember that deep freeze we had in Texas a couple of years ago? That’s one reason you want to be sure your heating system is ready to keep you comfortable in any weather. If you want to learn more about our maintenance agreements, call us or contact us online. We’ll help you find the plan that works for your family and budget.


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