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Why You Will LOVE a Heat Pump Here in Texas!

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Posted February 9, 2021
A heat pump with a home in the background

We love heat pumps and we think they’re a great method for heating your home! Why do we think they’re the best option?

Could a heat pump be better?

We know that most people seem to think a furnace is better than a heat pump. But we want to ask, “Where did this thinking come from?” We believe it came from the fact that a furnace is more effective in very cold weather because a furnace generates its own heat … and perhaps the idea that a furnace is better also came from the fact that a furnace is more expensive to install! However, we think that a heat pump could very well be the right choice for your Houston area home!

Why heat pumps work here in Houston

When you’re deliberating whether to get a furnace or heat pump, we think the first website you should visit is the U.S. Department of Energy’s Climate Zone Map[1]. As you can see by looking at that, Houston is in climate zone 2, the second to hottest. You may think, “Well, I already knew that!” But did you know that, according to the Department of Energy, a heat pump is an appropriate choice for climate zones 1 through 3? The reason for this is, heat pumps don’t generate their own air, they actually transfer heat from outside into your home. So then, how does a heat pump get heat into your home when it’s really cold outside? Well, the highly pressurized refrigerant lines in a heat pump are able to absorb even the tiniest bit of heat.

Incredibly high efficiency

And, by utilizing heat from outdoors instead of having to generate its own heat the way a furnace does, a heat pump can be more efficient. WAY more efficient. In fact, in ideal conditions, a heat pump can actually transfer 3x more energy to your home, than the amount of energy it uses! Compare that with the fact that even the most high-efficiency furnaces are 95% efficient at most, not 300% the way that an optimal heat pump would be!

Not full of hot air

Last but not least, one great thing about a heat pump transferring heat inside, rather than generating its own heat, means that the air retains moisture. The problem with furnace air is that it is typically so hot and dry, and while some people like the feeling of that hot, dry air blowing on them in the dead of winter … we really don’t. It’s not good for your skin!

To “save your skin,” and also to potentially save money on installation costs and your electric bills, consider a heat pump. It works great in the Houston climate, especially when installed by one of the professionals here at Air Specialist. To learn more, just call us or contact us online!

[1] Climate Map


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