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Winter and Your HVAC System

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Posted January 17, 2017

Southeast Texas may be known for it’s hot, humid summers, but we luck out when it comes to our mild winters. Compared to the rest of the county we have it good. Snow is basically unheard of and the average winter temperature is 43 and 63. We only see about 10 days below freezing every year. Just because our winters are mild, doesn’t mean there is no effect on your HVAC system.

The biggest tip we can give to Texans in the winter is to keep up with their maintenance. Because of the mild temperatures, there isn’t as much strain on your unit, making it the perfect time to have your heating and cooling system maintained. Maintenance can increase the life of your equipment and keep you from running out of heat on those (few) cold winter nights.

Winter is also a great time to clean your ducting and replace your air filters. A clean system works more efficiently and decreases the risk that things may go wrong. Christmas decorations may have hit your utility bills hard in December which makes January and February perfect times to cut back on energy consumption to make up for the costs before summer hits. A few ways you can do this are:

  • Open doors and windows when possible
  • Turn your unit down when you’re at work
  • Wear a sweater inside and turn your unit down a few degrees
  • Insulate door and window frames
  • Use natural light to heat your home

Aside from installing a more efficient system, these tips can help cut back on your energy consumption. Use this winter to save on energy and get your system ready for the coming strain of summer!

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