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You Can Buy an Award-Winning Indoor Air Quality System from Air Specialist!

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Posted January 5, 2021

We’re proud to be partners with RGF, allowing us to bring you their award-winning indoor air quality system. They were awarded a gold medal in the 2020 Dealer Design Awards for HVAC products!

What is this award, and why does it matter?

Although we don’t blame you if you’re not up to date on following the latest HVAC news, it’s definitely something we follow here at Air Specialist and we think it’s really cool! Basically, the Dealer Design Awards are a competition to select the best products in the HVAC industry, brought to you by ACHR News (Air Conditioning, Heating, and Refrigeration News publication).

A panel of judges from the ACCA (Air Conditioning Contractors of America) rank products from manufacturers around the world. The company that makes the indoor air quality system we sell was the gold medal winner!

What is so great about this company?

Well, first, let’s start with the pedigree of the company, RGF Environmental Group Inc. They have been researching safe, organic, chemical-free air purifier technology for over 30 years now! What separates these air purifiers — such as the REME HALO ®, which we sell — from other air purifiers? They use ions to pull bacteria and virus particles out of your home, and this happens BEFORE any air passes through your HVAC system. So the key thing about these ionic purifiers is that they are proactive.

Most air purification systems you’ll see on the market wait for air to pass through them, before purifying that air. But that is drastically less effective! Instead of doing this, the REME HALO emits something called “hydroperoxide plasma” throughout your home. We know that sounds complicated! But basically, all it means is, hydrogen peroxide molecules are able to break down genetic material of bacteria and viruses, getting rid of them. It’s safe and non-toxic, not creating any harmful byproducts in the process. We think it’s amazing, and the gold medal from the National Dealer Design Awards would seem to agree!

Learn more about how you can get cleaner indoor air this holiday season, with our innovative solutions. The REME HALO is our personal favorite product, but we provide many other services: duct cleaning, UV light purifiers, and high-efficiency filters. We want to find the best indoor air quality products for your home and your budget. Just give us a call or contact us online!


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