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If we’re being honest, most of us probably care more about how our HVAC system impacts our energy bills, than about how it impacts the planet. But with systems installed by Air Specialist, it’s a win-win!

HVAC is an energy-guzzler

Did you know that HVAC systems account for roughly 40% of total electricity use? And of course, it’s not like we can just stop heating our homes in winter and stop cooling them in summer. So, is there any way to bring that 40% down, and bring our energy bills and carbon footprints down along with it? In fact, there is! says that 30% of all energy generated by the average HVAC system goes to waste. So here at Air Specialist, our goal is to reduce the amount of energy that’s wasted … saving YOU money!

Change your filter

Before we get into how our systems are UNIQUELY able to reduce energy waste, let’s talk about what you can do around your house to prevent your HVAC system from wasting energy. Did you know that your HVAC system can run 5% to 10% more efficiently just by changing your filter enough? This is because it’s harder for air to get through a dirty, clogged filter, so your HVAC system has to work harder and your energy bill goes up. Not only that, but a dirty filter can also lead to dirty air (indoor air pollution), and, even worse, can end up causing more serious HVAC problems down the line.

Invest in duct sealing

Here at Air Specialist, we offer a service called duct sealing. Did you know that little tiny openings in your ductwork can account for over 20% of system waste and inefficiency. Crazy, right? And while it’s possible to seal your ducts with foil tape, insulation or mastic, the best way is with a sealant that’s actually blown into the ducts, like Aeroseal. It can reduce duct leakage by up to 90% and reduce your energy usage by up to 30%.

High-efficiency systems from Air Specialist

The last way to prevent heating and cooling your home from being 40% of your utility bill? And help save the planet at the same time? High-efficiency systems from our favorite brand, Carrier! Carrier gas furnaces are 90 – 98.5% AFUE, meaning they waste very little of their energy. As for air conditioners, the Carrier Infinity series are among the quietest on the market, and come with Greenspeed Intelligence, a control system that uses variable-speed technology to maximize efficiency and minimize waster.

Replacing your old HVAC system with a high-efficiency one from Carrier means saving money on your energy bills, having a better-performing system that does what YOU need it to do, and … helping save the planet! For more information, Houston residents can contact us online or call us at (713) 481-1305. Here at Air Specialist, we put you (and the planet) first!

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