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HVAC Myths vs Non-Myths

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Posted July 8, 2022
HVAC Myths vs Non-Myths

Is it safe to believe everything you read? The information highway is jammed with tips for taking care of your home’s HVAC system. When it comes to your A/C and heating, mistakes can be costly and uncomfortable. Air Specialist A/C Heating Insulation & More of Houston can help you distinguish between the facts and the fiction about your HVAC system.

Myth: Don’t worry about changing your air filters unless there’s a problem

Your air filter is one of the first lines of defense against the pollen, pollution, and other debris that tries to enter your home. You may not see these nuisances, but they can easily interfere with your HVAC system’s efficiency. A clogged air filter means your HVAC system must work harder to cool and heat your home. Change your air filter every 30 days for maximum efficiency and to give your system a break. Do you have questions about which air filter is best for your system? We have answers.

Fact: Routine HVAC maintenance can make a big difference

A maintenance program may seem unnecessary, especially considering today’s record inflation. But regular inspections and cleaning by a trained HVAC professional may pay you back with lower energy costs and extra years on your unit’s life expectancy. During regular tune-ups, our Air Specialist HVAC techs will clean the unit, inspect all the moving parts and identify potential problems. You’ll also receive special discounts on service calls and repairs if you sign up for our maintenance program.

Myth: Turning your unit off and on costs more than leaving it on

Someone may have told you that it costs more for your unit to stop and start than it does to keep it running all day. The truth is, turning off a unit almost always costs less than running it. However, hot Houston temperatures can damage furniture and other surfaces, so turning off the A/C while you’re away may not be a good idea. Instead, consider setting your thermostat at a higher temperature during your summer vacation or use a programmable thermostat to set the temperatures according to your family’s activity schedule.

Fact: Adjust your thermostat two to three degrees at a time if you want to heat or cool your home quickly.

If your home feels stuffy when you return from vacation, you may be tempted to hike up the A/C. However, this isn’t a good idea because it places extra pressure on your HVAC unit. Instead, cool things down a few degrees at a time.

Myth: Closing off vents in unused spaces will save money

Nobody wants to pay to heat or cool a room they never use. Your home was designed for comfort, and restricting airflow to certain rooms can force your system to work harder. It may also increase pressure within the ductwork, leading to cracks or leaks.

Air Specialist works hard to keep our clients comfortable in their homes. If you are concerned about your home’s heating and cooling capacities or want to schedule routine maintenance, call us at [csad_phone] or contact us online.


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